mutant lady to try and shake this bad kick

mutant lady to try and shake this bad kick

draws blue dude to try and get my hand to cooperate again

draws blue dude to try and get my hand to cooperate again

Commission - Sterling and the Alb

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How long did this take?

2.5 hours for the top one, and 1.5 hours for the bottom

wow I took a look at your older art and you improved a lot!!! <3


Commission - Erin and Soul


COMMISSIONS OPEN (check here for current status). Paypal only, sfw only, open-minded and open-fandom, etc etc

Price: $9 hourly, so you’ve got a bit of wiggle room. Hour estimations under each picture~! You can set your price, having me work for the time that matches, or have me make an estimate. I’m very open to collaboration.

If you’re interested please email with this stuff:

  • an obvious subject line like “commission”
  • your paypal email (so I can recognize you) and your tumblr url if you want it linked when I post it
  • references for the character(s) you want, with a short 1-2 sentences describing their personality
  • named price or a description of what you’d like me to estimate on

I’ll reply to confirm and then once you send the payment, I’ll place you in a slot. When I’m done with the commission I’ll email you and post it here~! If you have any questions, go right ahead and ask.

I’ve a rather strong need, as I’ll become an independent student in the following semester, along with one of the only chances I may have to actually visit my internet friends for a time, and that’s following a breast reduction so that I’ll have less back pain. In short, I could really use your help.

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ALL the dresses WHOO

chugga chugga chugga chugga WHOOO WHOOOO

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not the anon, but still. …..make a new post

guardians in dresses eh? … 

hehhhh why not.

oh could you do a little caption with the other guaridian boys wearing a dress? maybe tooth to ahh that was in so cute!

I’m kinda half and half on that- cause it would be wonderful to see, but then the post would be even more lengthy. And I do fancy Bunny’s quote as the end punchline.

I loved that most recent Sandy sketches you posted. I especially love the coloring. Would you be willing to make a coloring tutorial? Or if you already did, perhaps lead me to it? It's such a soft and nice coloring style

Ahh, thank you very much. I’ve done something really quick right here, if you’re interested. It’s not very formal, but I hope it helps you see my process well enough.

New Website for Artists/Writers in the Works





My fiance and I have been building a website for the past 3-4 months now, and it’s a site that we believe will be very useful for young aspiring artists and professional artists alike.

It functions like a freelance job website, but its target audience is young artists and hobbyists. It’s like an online version of an artist alley, if you will. The site will be 100% free to register and use, but we hope to also offer inexpensive premium content for purchase in the future if the site does well.

We’re in the midst of wrapping up minor details and basic testing and we hope to get the site up and running by the end of the month.

Stay tuned for further details! When we publish the site and open it up to the public, we’re definitely going to need some excited and willing participants (particularly artists!) to be the firsts to sign up and use the site, all the while helping to find any errors or bugs along the way.

EDIT: I almost forgot to add that the website will also have a “Writing” category, which will allow authors and writers to fill commission requests and/or advertise and sell their work. There will also be categories for  craftors, animators, 3D designers, and game designers! There will also be a section to allow artists to advertise to other artists for collaborative work and art trades.

UPDATE (7/11/2014):

We’re extremely close to having the site ready for launch! We estimate our finished date to be any given day before the end of July!

Just a little insight on what this website entails:

  • It is a reverse classified ad site (which means: commissioners post ads, artists/writers find those ads and contact the commissioner! And it can also work the other way around.)
  • Social interaction galore! Ability to PM users, send users email directly from the site, leave comments on ads, and rate users based on overall satisfaction
  • In-depth categorization and user created tag system
  • Ability for artists/writers to track tags and categories
  • Full user dashboard for managing tracked searches/tags/categories, PM inbox/outbox, and ad listings.
  • Commissioners can upload reference pictures with their ads
  • Ability to send an ad to friends
  • Public user profiles that display users’ websites, an HTML description, profile picture, and ad listings that they have recently posted.
  • Optional email notifications when you receive any type of comment/message/reply from other users
  • Public forum for discussions about the site, art, and stuff in general!
  • Easy to navigate and intuitive for all ages 13+
  • And best of all: IT IS COMPLETELY FREE TO USE!! :D

In the very near future, we will be adding:

  • Featured ads for artists and writers on front page
  • "For Sale" listings page for artists and writers to sell their original work
  • Artist/Writer directory
  • Facebook/Twitter for the site

More details will be posted on my blog throughout the rest of the month. FEEL FREE TO REBLOG WITH COMMENTS/SUGGESTIONS/QUESTIONS/ETC!! And in the meantime, signal boost to get the word out! The more people who sign up, the more useful the site will be to you!


Artists and writers must provide links to their portfolio/gallery/website in their profile so that when you reply to a commission ad, that potential commission client can look at your work before they send you the payment to fill their request. In the future we hope to be able to implement an internal “Portfolio” of sorts, but for now, artists and writers can only link to their tumblr/DA/website/where ever their art is hosted.

Another note: NO TRANSACTIONS ARE MADE THROUGH OUR SITE. All payments for commissions are done on a person to person basis, NOT through our site. So if/when you reach the point where you need to send money to pay for a commission, you send that money DIRECTLY to the artist’s/writer’s paypal using their email address. Our site will not be handling anyone’s money. It’s all between the client and the artist/writer. The only thing our site does is allow you to find a job or artist and get in contact with each other.

Just thought I’d clear that up. :D

UPDATE (7/12/14):

Here’s a list of all the categories that commissioners can post to and artists can browse through (there’s a few specifically for artists to post in as well)!

  • Sketch
  • Ink
  • Color (Digital)
  • Color (Traditional)
  • Comic
  • 3D
  • Crafts
  • Writing
  • Animation
  • Interactive
  • Video/Audio
  • Collaborative
  • Art Trade
  • Adult (18+)

Each of these categories has sub-categories (like “original”, “background/scenery”, etc) so that everything is organized and easy to find for artists wanting to fill commissions.

Once again, wonderful features for the site include searching tags and categories, and also tracking these categories/tags/anything you decide to search for. You also have the option to get notifications in your email when something new is posted to whatever it is you’re tracking so that you never miss an opportunity for work.

Commissioners also have the option to leave their ads up even after an artist has filled their request. This is useful for people who are wanting to get multiple pictures of their idea or character (for instance, people who love collecting pictures of their OC).

In the future if the site does well, ads will only stay posted for a limited amount of time, though, but can be reposted once one runs out. Having this expiration date on ads will help keep the site uncluttered and also help promote artists to act upon the ads they find as soon as possible (first come first serve), prompting possible commission clients to keep coming back. As of now, we haven’t placed a time limit for ads yet because when the site opens, ads that get posted need to stay up to help build a clientele and create momentum to get the site going.




i wasn’t kidding

Now this is where someone should draw the other guardians walking in on him

and he wouldn’t explain diddlysquat




i wasn’t kidding

Now this is where someone should draw the other guardians walking in on him

imageimageimageimageimageand he wouldn’t explain diddlysquat


I played a game where there were beasts that roamed the earth and I always imagine it as something like your cute little monster boy but more scary.

Ohhh~! That sounds really fun. Douru is only scary if you see him in action- otherwise, he just looks like a dork.