She drives like an old lady.

She drives like an old lady.

Haha I have…

I’ll do my best ;\\;

Gotta try and stay positive.

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You can put things in your queue for a specific date and time! It might help you be less anxious to know that they’re all typed up and ready and will post on their own when it’s time.

Such is the plan~ The temptation is to just take one or two and post them early and attempt to draw new things in their place. Perhaps if I reach a good point, I’ll do that. For the time being though, I’m trying to remain resolute >\< Especially so since I aim to make another song post for Christmas (looots of drawing); hopefully one that will make more people cry than the last.

aaaaaah asdfghjkl;

//falls over

COMMISSIONS OPEN (check here for current status). Paypal only, sfw only, open-minded and open-fandom, etc etc

Price: $9 hourly Hour estimations under each picture~! You can set your price, having me work for the time that matches, or have me make an estimate based on the description you give. I’m very open to collaboration.

If you’re interested please email with this stuff:

  • an obvious subject line like “commission”
  • your paypal email (so I can recognize you) and your tumblr url if you want it linked when I post it
  • references for the character(s) you want, with a short 1-2 sentences describing their personality/relationship
  • named price or a description of what you’d like me to estimate on

I’ll reply to confirm and then once you send the payment, I’ll place you in a slot. When I’m done with the commission I’ll email you and post it here~! If you have any questions, go right ahead and ask.

The good thing about drawing early for december is that I’m working at a pace that suits me.

The bad thing is that I’ll have pieces around and will be tempted to post them early eoitwgkvvkjhakufh


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??? well this happened. it&#8217;s okay to cry space bearish thing. 

??? well this happened. it’s okay to cry space bearish thing.